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How Leaf Doctor Works
Gutter Protection System

If you're tired of having to clean your gutters and deal with the dread of unsightly clogs, we have a solution for you: The Leaf Doctor. So what is it and how does it work? The Leaf Doctor is a gutter guard system that protects your gutters. This sleek, low profile device attaches seamlessly to your gutters to collect leaves, preventing them from clogging your gutters. And with small openings at the base, The Leaf Doctor allows for water to flow seamlessly. With Leaf Doctor, you'll have clean, optimally functioning gutters that save you time, money and headaches!


Gutter Guards Filtrate Leaves & Debris

As stated before, the Leaf Doctor is a low profile cover that attaches over your gutters to prevent them from clogging. Small openings in the Leaf Doctor cover allow water to flow in while keeping leaves out. This creates a dual-action system that keeps rain water flowing while preventing clogs from leaves! In fact, since leaves are separated from water flow, they typically dry-up and blow away on their own.

Seamless, Attractive Appearance

Here at Leaf Doctor, we keep in mind that while we want your gutters to their job, you always want an attractive display. With their low profile, sleek deisgn The Leaf Doctor is virtually invisible! No worries of bulky devices crowding your home's exterior. Just a seamless, beautiful finish you can't even detect!

Increased Protection & Gutter Longevity

While gutters are designed to collect water, the Leaf Doctor Gutter Protection System eliminates a lot of the yearly maintenance required when gutters are bogged down with leaves. With the help of Leaf Doctor you can increase the longevity of your gutters immensely! And save yourself the hassle of gutter-cleaning.

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